important tips to create a healthy and happy family

Recognize the challenges and issues that face families today

Choose the most effective strategy in parents using mental and emotional management

Identify the basis of how important a statement of purpose is in parenting and daily living

Engage a personal philosophy that resolves family issues

Review approaches that reduce stress and increase your calmness

Learn six tips to immediately improve parenting and resolve family conflict

Identify eight parenting types and decide which ones impact you and the family

Discover the 4 Attitudes
and 2 Mindsets

Healthy Happy Family


A family that comes to dinner every night and communicates in a positive manner to
each other.

What will you learn?

Dr. James Farmer


Dr. James A. Farmer is the founder and CEO of JAFA Group, Inc and the Rhodes Institute in Arlington, Texas. He is a professional counselor, licensed psychotherapist, developmental coach, and certified mediator.


Specifically, he assists families in changing mindsets, improving their attitudes, and building self-esteem. Dr. Farmer has authored seven books and developed products for personal growth.


Dr. Farmer grew up in a dysfunctional environment and experienced low self-esteem as a child and teenager. This was the key factor in choosing to enter in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and social work.


He earned two masters degrees and his PhD from the Ohio State University. Dr. Farmer was a full-time faculty member for ten years, maintained a solo practice, and wrote several self-help books. In addition, he developed a consulting/coaching business and built the Rhodes Institute for natural healing.


Dr. Farmer has an understanding and passion for the inner experience of families in conflict. He is amazingly effective in helping a wide range of individuals and families who want healthy, fulfilling lives.

Family issues may well be the underlying cause of many people who seek therapeutic help. If you were to survey those who are incarcerated, abusing substances, suicidal, depressed, and angry, probably over fifty percent of the root cause is unresolved family issues. Most people have no training in how to recognize or resolve it. They have learned to live with their children and partner’s dysfunctional behaviors. A sense of helplessness covers the family as they watch loved ones destroy themselves with negative attitudes, distorted perception, pent-up anger, and excessive worry.

Over the years, people have told Dr. Farmer that they have been in conflict with a family member and never resolved the issue. In other words, some of them still carry around the emotional hurt and wounds.

This seminar is designed to teach the tools and techniques that will help you move into healthier family patterns. Those who listen to the seminar will be equipped to immediately deal with negative emotions and behaviors of their family members and guide these people to a positive interaction.

Family Solutions Testimonial

Linda Putman

I learned about myself in Dr. Farmer’s seminar. I found it practical and easy to apply his strategies.

Tele-Seminar Testimonial

Mental Health Association of Tarrant County

The content of the seminars was excellent and the delivery was excellent.

Reverend Testimonial

Reverend Leroy Johnson

My family is better now for what you have brought to us and I feel like my home has been blessed after you shared your knowledge.

Get your family back on course!

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